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Welcome to Kukke Sri Subrahmanyeshwara College

 A pioneering work was envisaged by the founding fathers of Kukke Sri Subrahmanyeshwara College when they laid the foundation for the college in the year 1983. Till then there were no colleges in the vicinity offering higher education. The starting of the college opened opportunities to rural students of this region to pursue higher education. Since then the college has made rapid progress both in curricular and co-curricular activities. Historically Kukke Subrahmanya was called Kukke Pattana. It was a flourishing town. Subrahmanya received worldwide popularity due to the temple situated close to the foothills of evergreen Western Ghats. Today it is a noted centre of pilgrimage. The college is managed by K. S. S. Temple. The temple administration comes directly under the control of Govt. of Karnataka. The College is affiliated to Mangalore University and it is recognised by the UGC under 2(f) and 12(b). The College offers BA, B.Com and BBA program.

College Emblem

 The emblem of the institution represents our vision. This emblem firmly believes that knowledge, which is a perennial flow, is blest by divine force. The Sanskrit saying Jnanameva Jeevanam (knowledge is life) is the motto of our institution. It is enshrined in the scroll at the base of the emblem. Above this, two books symbolize the pursuit of knowledge and two twigs are branches of knowledge drawing sustenance from the books ultimately culminating as buds. Thus the sweet fragrance, which emanates from the buds, is experienced by the society.

 The middle portion of the emblem symbolizes the heart of the institution. Here the flowing stream is like flowing knowledge that leads to wisdom. The hilltops and rising sun in the backdrop of the river symbolize the geographical location of the college. The name of the college is enclosed between two layers, which encircle the middle portion of the emblem. The top of the emblem depicts hooded Adishesha, the presiding deity of Subrahmanya Temple symbolizing divine grace and sanctity of knowledge. Thus, our college emblem stands for sustained growth in harmony with intellect and knowledge with divine blessing.


JNANAMEVA JEEVANAM (Knowledge is Life)


The students of our institution shall excel in education, have a research bent of mind, and be employable, environmentally sensitive and socially responsible citizens.



TheNational Service Scheme organised Weekend camp at Government PU College Gutthigaron 04.05.2024. A total of 125 volunteers participated in the weekend camp. Studentsengaged in Garden construction, Water ways, and carried the Cement storage tothe ground. Mrs. Arathi K, Mrs. Namitha NSS officers of the college Guided thestudents  in the program
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Gagan(III BBA) and Vishnuprasad (III BA) bagged 1st place in 'Visual Vanguard' at"Esperanza", one-day inter collegiate fest held at Post GraduateCentre, SDM, Ujire
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The Department of Commerce and Business Administration ofKukke sri subramaneshwara college  hostedan academic exchange program in collaboration with Sri Rama First GradeCollege, Kalkaska on April 24, 2024. The program, held at the college smartroom , featured 10 students from Sri Rama First Grade College, Kalladka, whoengaged in discussions on various topics such as leadership skills,communication skills, creativity, and time management with the students fromvarious disciplines at our college.


Dr. Dinesh K. In charge Principal; Mrs. Latha B.T. ,IQACCoordinator; Mr. Shivaprasad S, the program Coordinator;

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